About Jeffery

Jeffery Pritchett has been studying the paranormal for over 15 years. He started with a forum on the paranormal and Ufos after his own experiences after being healed from cancer and his father’s death.

Seeking answers, Jeffery sought the occult like a young Dr. Frankenstein, bringing on high strange phenomena. He’s been using the Mabus name ever since, which originally was going to be the name of a heavy metal band. That dream was eaten by the goat goblins of life, so he went on to pursue radio and journalism.

Jeffery is the FL Paranormal Examiner and also has a Bachelor’s in Communications Science. Jeffery Pritchett formed The Church Of Mabus radio show after his experiences. The rest is history and he’s been moshing with the apocalypse ever since with the horned god of rock and roll.

To contact Jeffery Pritchett try our Facebook group or email mabusincarnate@gmail.com

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