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Rich Newman: Ghosts of the Civil War: Exploring the Paranormal History of America’s Deadliest War

Coming December 8th 8pm easternWith Pritchett and Jay McNicholas!Click here for the book on AmazonClick here for the Archive on PodbeanThe Civil War left behind

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Jim Miles: Mysteries of Georgia’s Military Bases: Ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot

Coming December 1st 8pm easternWith Pritchett and WHAMClick here for the Amazon page for Jim’s bookClick here for the archive to PodbeanGeorgia has some of

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Chris H. Hardy: Wars of the Anunnaki: Nuclear Self-Destruction in Ancient Sumer

Coming November 17th 8pm easternvia hosts Pritchett and WHAM!Click here for the book on AmazonClick here for Archive link on PodbeanExamines the Anunnaki gods’ evolving relationships with humanity, their power ...

Paul & Ben Eno: Behind the Paranormal 2: Bigfoot, Mothman and Monsters You Never Heard Of

Coming November 10th 8pm easternWith Pritchett and WHAM!Click here for the book on AmazonClick here for Podbean ArchiveFind out why you shouldn’t look out your windows at night! Join father-son ...

Nick Redfern: Shapeshifters: Morphing Monsters & Changing Cryptids

Coming November 3rd 8pm easternWith Pritchett and McNicholas!Click here for Amazon Click here for archive on Podbean Shapeshifters are real. You’re about to meet them, in all their savage ...

Nick Sullivan: Zombie Bigfoot – The Halloween Show!

Coming October 27th 8pm EasternWith Pritchett and McNicholas!Click here for Podbean ArchiveClick here for Amazon to purchase the book!The truth is out there... and it will eat your face."Bigfoot is ...

Reverend Ronald French: Interview With A Satanist

Coming October 20th 8pm easternWith Pritchett and McNicholas!Click here for our archive at PodbeanRecognized Satanism at 1983Official member of the Satanic International Network.Former Chapter head for Sarasota and Manatee (S.I.N.) ...

Don Webb: Building Strange Temples – H.P. Lovecraft Tribute

Coming October Friday the 13th 8pm EasternWith Pritchett and WHAM!Click here for Podbean ArchiveDon's new book is due out 2018. This will be an H.P. Lovecraft Tribute show for our ...

A New UFO Organization M.A.B.U.S. We Need Your Support! Cryptids Also!

In recent months we have seen extremism in Ufology thru a certain group's leaders. We have seen hatred rear its ugly head since the last election. America isn't what we ...

Beezle Alhazred: A Bizarre Compendium Vol. 1 I Am No One

Coming October 6th 8pm easternClick here for the Podbean Archive

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