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Jeffery Pritchett Reappears On Florida 97X’s The Stroke Show

Appeared on The Stroke Show again today on October 9th 2014 on Florida’s Panama City 97x FM. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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Dennis Waller In Search Of The Kushtaka: Alaska’s Other Bigfoot

Coming October 17th 7pm Eastern With hosts Jeffery Pritchett and Beezlebub   What are the Kushtaka? There are incredible stories of the sinister Kushtaka or

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Tom Burnette & Rob Riggs Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth & Discovering the Truth

Coming July 25th 7pm Eastern With Jeffery Pritchett and Beezle Bub [powerpress] Our committed search to uncover the truth about Bigfoot Join investigators Tom Burnette and Rob Riggs on their amazing adventure into the wild ...

Albert Rosales Humanoid & Other Strange Encounters

First hour of show only not sure WTF happened to the second hour. If you listen to the show you'll know I've been through tech hell the past few weeks. ...

Paul Hayes The Genoskwa Project

Coming July 11th 7pm Eastern With Jeffery Pritchett and Beezle Bub My name is Paul Hayes,I am 47 years old and was born and raised in Ohio,I have been an outdoorsman all ...

Robert Robinson Legend Tripping The Ultimate Family Experience

Come June 20th 7pm Eastern With hosts Jeffery Pritchett and WHAM! [powerpress] Robert Robinson was born at Hamilton AFB, CA. He grew up an Army brat and had the privilege of visiting Europe ...

Kirk Sigurdson Kultus By The Power Of Sasquatch!

Coming May 2nd 7pm Eastern With Jeffery Pritchett and WHAM! [powerpress] Jonathan Dewey Graham owns the largest stand of Pacific Rainforest in the United States.  The Old Growth Resistance (OGRE) wants to stop ...

Scott Marlowe Bigfoot Enigma & Crypto Creatures of Florida

Coming April 25th 7pm Eastern With Jeffery Pritchett and Beezlebub [powerpress] Proclaimed as, "America's most credible cryptozoologist," Scott Marlowe, spends as much time in camos and boots as he does in a Lab ...

Pritchett & Colvin on Rita Louise’s Just Energy Radio

Jeffery Pritchett & Andy Colvin join Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where they discuss their findings regarding the elusive Bigfoot and its interaction with humanity.

Kewaunee Lapseritis The Sasquatch People & Their Interdimensional Connection

These are archives from when the show first started out back in the Golden Olden days. I am not sure what the dates are for these shows that I will ...

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