Malcolm Brenner Fingering Flipper

Published on May 6, 2014 by   ·   3 Comments imagesThese are archives from when the show first started out back in the Golden Olden days. I am not sure what the dates are for these shows that I will be adding to the Golden Oldie section but at least they are here for your enjoyment. I will be adding more and more as time progresses.
This is an interview with Malcolm Brenner who professed to being in love with a dolphin. A love affair with disgusting sexual appetites. We knew he had a love affair with a dolphin but when he brought up his love affair with his dog. COM was forced to throw him off air because the sponsors of the network said they would no longer sponsor if he was kept on air. So during break Malcolm was kicked off air.    

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Readers Comments (3)
  1. Shirley says:

    I’m mid way listening to Malcolm Brenner Fingering flipper and it’s definitely the most unique interview I’ve ever listened too and am finding it fascinatingly weird and loving it lol I like your style Jeffery and come across smoothly calm and nonjudgmental. Love your work!

  2. Shirley says:

    lmao I had a laugh and thought What the… Felt sorry for the dogs though.

  3. Greg May says:

    I once masturbated a female bottlenose dolphin at Ft. Lauderdale’s OCEAN WORLD. As I was petting heer, she rolled over and I took three of my fingers and inserted them into her vagina. She started slappind her tail on the surface and blowing bubbles from her blowhole. She loved it – she didn’t want me to stop! When Iwalked away from the petting pool she stuck her head over the wall and squealed for me to come back!

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