Andy Colvin, Mothman Photographer: The Mothman Shrieks Co-host Ted Torbich

Published on July 4, 2012 by   ·   1 Comment Will be talking about Andy’s new book The Mothman Shrieks
Tune in 11pm Eastern @ listen live online or come to our archives later and listen for free. Hosted by Jeffery Pritchett and Ted Torbich The Mothman Shrieks: Controversial Conversations Concerning Cosmic Conundrums – Cryptic Creatures, Chimer…as, Contactees, and the Cleverly Coded … Correspondences of the Collective Unconscious by Andy Colvin Mothman Photographer   Spurred by the realization that the 9/11 attacks were accurately predicted – in 1967 – by a childhood friend who was seeing Mothman, Seattle artist Andy Colvin began filming a reality series, “The Mothman’s Photographer,” documenting his experiences growing up in Mound, West Virginia. “The Mothman Shrieks,” the second book in Colvin’s “birdman vocalization” trilogy, looks at the many ways Mothman communicates. Revealing letters from experiencers – penned during a wave of odd synchronicities, sightings, and encounters – indicate that Mothman may be a guardian angel of mind-bending proportions. Increasingly, the Mothman events look to be as important and miraculous as the famous events at Fatima. Interwoven with these personal diaries are discussions between Colvin and other witnesses and experts that reach back into the mysterious history of America, giving a fuller context for the phenomenon. Colvin also tracks the relationship between the paranormal and the media – how the two seemingly work together to help form public opinion and belief. Also included is a chapter of rare material from John Keel, Gray Barker, and others on the dreaded Men in Black and their impact on the early days of ufology. Mothman Shrieks features insightful forewords by Ted Torbich, host of “The Stench of Truth” show, and Eugenia Macer-Story, editor of “Yankee Oracle Gazette.” Also featured are fascinating interviews with researchers like Adam Gorightly, Keith Hansen, Robert Denton, Jr., Louise Lacey, and Sandy Nichols. “Really grabs you…” -George Knapp, Coast to Coast AM “Prepare to have your mind blown, reorganized, and elevated…” -Nick Redfern, author, “The Pyramids and the Pentagon” “A breakthrough in how we perceive the mysterious…” -Greg Bishop, Radio Misterioso “Better than the Hollywood version of Mothman…” Bonnie Brault, Ph.D. “Informative, entertaining adventures in synchronicity…” -Peter Moon, author, “Montauk Book of the Living” “May activate one’s interdimensional tendencies…” -Alexandra Bruce, author, “Beyond the Bleep” and “Beyond the Secret” “One of the few researchers truly on the cutting edge…” -Ted Torbich “Fascinating… A huge book…” -Tessa B. Dick, author, “Remembering Firebright: My Life With Philip K. Dick” Purchase the book at here at

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  1. jana greasley says:

    I like the idea that the Mothman is’the space inbetween’ a bit like one hand clapping,you know it,it resonates with you but it’s hard to verbalise.
    Good show guys.The Mothman seems to be like Marmite you either love him and can’t get enough Mothtime or hate him and think he’s just a silly fim with Richard Gere.Cool show ,please an wed please have more Moth reportage ?

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