Christo Roppolo: Curse Of The Man Who Sees UFOs

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With Pritchett and McNicholas!

Christo Roppolo claims to have seen UFOs since childhood, and as an adult, he has collected hours of footage of strange crafts floating across the Monterey, California skies. We follow Roppolo, a charismatic and slightly foul-mouthed enthusiast, as he relays experiences of unexplained phenomena. Director Justin Gaar looks well beyond the case for UFOs and turns the focus towards Roppolo, a filmmaker, a musician and a horror fanatic. Roppolo sheds light on personal tragedies that shaped him as an adult, and why this unrelenting obsession also brings him inner peace.

When Roppolo reached out to Justin Gaar, a filmmaker newly arrived in Los Angeles, he had dozens of hours of UFO footage he had filmed around Monterey. Roppolo was trying to make a movie out of this footage, but was dissatisfied with the cut that had been given to him by his previous editor. He found Gaar through the friend of a friend who worked as a sales rep at the company from which Roppolo would order synthesizers to make his otherworldly electronica music. From the Vice Article

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  1. Chris Miller says:

    My name is Chris Miller , I was on a FOX TV show back in 1998 called – UFO’s: The best evidence ever caught on tape , part 2. not sure if you know who I am etc… But,, my friend,,,we are alike… I have caught over 100 UFO’s on video since 1995. and have seen 10 times more than I have on video…. I am aiming to upload all of my video to a web site soon. but , until then, you can see some of my footage within my family video’s on youtube,,under my name chrismillerufo hope we can chat someday soon…

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