Don Walton Shares Message Via Aliens Regarding Jesus & The End Of Earth

Published on September 26, 2012 by   ·   1 Comment Don Walton was sharing this message on Facebook. So I thought I would share it here with all of you for discussion’s sake because I found it uniquely interesting. – Jeffery Pritchett Host Of The Church Of Mabus Last night a new Alien Message to Man End of Earth, not yours or our fault I am to warn the world about how to save your lives at the end of this cycle. Jesus spoke, during the harvest of man,” One shall stay, one shall be taken.” Jesus also spoke,” Many are called, and few are chosen”. The graves will open the dead shall rise from them. This is not a resurrection from death to life, but because your world Earth will have a giant change in its gravitational pull. Religious people will think God is calling them and float up in the air to there doom because the higher you travel up into the air the less oxygen there is and you will suffocate and die. Few are chosen”. Those of you who read this message will know that you must hang on to anything that is nailed down or anchored to the earth that will not float up If you stay below the oxygen you may survive the change long enough to be rescued by Jesus and the Aliens If you want to live you must hang on to trees that are rooted or stay in buildings or homes that are well anchored down to the planet Earth. Watch the Gravity that holds you if you feel the change then it is beginning of the Mayan cycle do not be fooled into the death of you or your family by the wolves in sheep clothing called preachers saying you will be going to heaven. Because those preachers will unknowing lead you and your family astray to die or suffocate from the lack of oxygen, and yes you will die and meet your maker then. Another message from Don Walton In this message from them the aliens are responsible for taking the human race as an experiment to see if we might be able to join with them in space in peace by overcoming our petty differences amongst our human race in taking humans from safe worlds that were not going to blow up or malfunction in outer space they are responsible for the death of the humans on this world that is going to be destroyed by nature in 2012 ,if not for them we would be safe on some other planet far away from this 2012 disaster think about it we are there mistake they have to fix to be the superior race in the eyes of the Master Creator For more information on author Don Walton  

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  1. Leftseat says:

    Man, you got this wrong. The “aliens” are the fallen angels, lucifer’s gang, that disguise themselves as “angels of light” to decieve mankind into NOT following Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. These fallen angels manipulated the DNA of mankind “in the days of Noah” to prevent the Messiah, Jesus, from paying the ransom of sin, His blood, by polluting mankind with hybrid demon-human DNA. Jesus himself warned that the “last days” will be like the time of Noah, meaning similar demonic activity will be common on the Earth. So, how is one saved from this deception?
    Trust Christ as your Savior. Not a church, not a religion, but Jesus Himself. By prayer, ask Jesus into your life. This changes EVERYTHING !

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