Don Webb: Building Strange Temples – H.P. Lovecraft Tribute

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With Pritchett and WHAM!

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Don’s new book is due out 2018. This will be an H.P. Lovecraft Tribute show for our Halloween line up.

I have been nominated for and not won very prestigious awards. Last year alone I lost both the Shirley Jackson Award and the International Horror Critics Award. I am hoping to not win other awards of note in coming years. I had been cited in Best American Short Stories (as well as 70 other citing in one “best of the year” list or another).

I have had 12 books and about 400 other items published –ranging from poems in Chinese, trucker fiction in Truckers USA, a story in an honest-to-god Norton Anthology, a book on the Greek Magical Papyri, more Cthulhu Mythos stories than Lovecraft himself, a story in a Norwegian anarchist magazine. I have guest-curated at an art museum, shot fireworks professionally, been the head of a pagan religion, and worked in a corndog factory

I was born on Walpurgisnacht (April 30), 1960 in Amarillo, Texas — a town whose major industry was the assemblage of plutonium enriched parts of atomic weapons. My mother’s family had share-cropped at the first ranch in the world to use barbed wire. Mys work has been translated into 12 languages. In 1988 Ie watched a documentary entitled “Satanism in America” –a cheap piece of yellow
journalism that promoted the (now debunked) myth of “Satanic Crime.” I was impressed with the calm logical answers of Dr. Michael Aquino and sent him an approving letter. My letter noted that I did not understand how “Working in a group could strengthen individuality.” Dr. Aquino humorously
challenged me to join and explain it to them. Eight years later I becamethe High Priest of Set and a Magus (V*) of the Temple. My major Initiator was Dr. Stephen E. Flowers, and I have written four books on Left Hand Path topics for Flowers’ Runa Raven Press. In addition to my
prose, I has published a volume of poetry, written lyrics for rock-n-roll songs, and been in a documentary about his home town, _Plutonium Circus_.

My formative teachers include Paulea Patterson, whp taught Latin at Tascosa High School in Amarillo, from whom I gained a love of classics, a high school counselor who told me that because of his ever dyslexia he should not ever even think of becoming a writer, and Bruce Sterling, Austin Science Fiction writer, who founded the important writers’ group Turkey City. I teaches a variety of on-line creative writing classes for UCLA.

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