Donate To GoFundMe For Mabus Mobile aka Used Car

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I have been doing the Church of Mabus radio show for over 7 years without pay. Lots of free stuff like books and bigfoot statues and soap and boxes of meat. But never much money except for a rare donation. Which hardly ever happens now its been a year or more since our last.

I am doing this for a Mabus mobile. A used car. In the past I have tried to save for one to no avail. Something always popped up and ruined the plans. I have not had a car in many moons. I was in a wreck a long time ago and lost my car. The wreck wasn’t my fault. Nonetheless I am trying to save for a car again.

Having a car would help me be less of a hermit and help in many areas in my life. If you can donate anything please do. Do it for the show and do it for me. Because you bet if I get a car I’m going to be handing out business cards to a lot more places to help get the word out. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for considering a donation.

Click here to go and Donate to ourĀ  GoFundme


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