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Published on July 19, 2012 by   ·   No Comments It’s been many moons since we have had a donation to The Church of Mabus radio show. I do the show for free and often times many people use our show as a platform to sell their own products like books, dvds, etc. While I don’t see a dime and continue to do the show for free and don’t charge a dime to listen to the show. Sometimes its nice to a see a contribution monetary wise to keep up morale and as an act of generosity from the listeners or guests in gratitude of having a venue to use to promote themselves for free.  If you would like to contribute to the radio show you can use paypal and use my personal  email @ or contact me with any others questions at the same email. We also have a paypal button on the website you can use as well. Or contact me if you would like to send a check. If you are going through financial peril like me and are interested in contributing in other ways you can contact me via the contact form or the email listed above for suggestions on how to show your support. This will be the only time you see a message like this from me which is usually probably only about once a year if that. Unlike other shows out there I do not believe in begging like a leper and honestly I shouldn’t have to. I am also working on getting all the older shows back up for free. Thanks for all your support over the years and for listening. Sincerely, Jeffery Pritchett    

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