Dr. Turi on the Curse of Nostradamus & Mabus Anti-Christ Prophecy Passed

Published on August 6, 2012 by   ·   No Comments Interview with Dr. Turi on the curse of Nostradamus and Mabus the Anti-Christ Fulfilled As you know I run a radio show called The Church Of Mabus. I view Mabus as May Be Us. Or ObaMabush OsamaBush or all of the above. I also believe the Mabus prophecy fulfilled when Osama died and then the comet Elenin ran and there was a horrible undoing of people which persists to this day. Of course nothing is in absolutes but what do you think of this and the Mabus prophecy? Dr. Turi: The Anti Christ was Osama Bin Laden and his legacy is Obamus. This translate into religions, fears, ignorance and the misuse of the Supra-conscious in time and space. Obamus is just a cosmic dance where the Age of Pisces or Neptune (deception / illusion / religions / misinformation / Middle East/oil) who has ran this world for 2000 years is now forced by God’s Will (the Cosmic Code) to give room to the next 2000 years rulership of the progressive essence of the planet Uranus ( the truth / New Age of Aquarius / the future of humanity / astrology / UFO / technology / brotherhood/one world government.) The fact remain that 99.09% of the world’s population is still metaphysically unaware, unconscious of their own UCI or “Unique Celestial Indentity” and totally depraved of Cosmic Consciousness. Indeed the stars are much more than dead rocks hanging above, God gave them to humanity for interpretations so that human can lead a more productive safer life! A warning to all the writers using Nostradamus “Centuries.” For centuries, famous writers from all walks of life have sought to translate Nostradamus’ work on his prophecies, the Anti-Christ and his own life. First I must make you aware of what is really needed in order to successfully attempt to do a sensitive study on “Les Prophecies,” or to even remotely understand his celestial gifts. First, a full translation of the 16th-century Old French into our modern French language is needed. The vocabulary was very different and sentencing unique. Second, he was born in Provence in the southern part of France, and you must master its quickly disappearing local dialect called “Le Provençal.” One would have to take a course in such languages as, Greek, Arabic, Latin and Italian. Third, you must master and practice his rare method of Divine Astrology which has nothing to do with modern Astrology methodology. Fourth, this also means taking references in the disappeared old calendar’s alignment of planets and a myriad of other spiritual studies. Continued.. To Continue this interview and trust me if Nostradamus interests you. I plead with you to carry on to get into the Curse and Mabus much more and the future of mankind Plus a great Nostradamus picture slideshow http://www.examiner.com/article/dr-turi-on-the-curse-of-nostradamus-and-mabus-the-anti-christ-fufilled

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