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Hosted by Jeffery Pritchett Co-Host Beezle Bub Alhazred This is a book of occult science in which the beliefs and experiences of the author are included in a way different from investigations according to the scientific principle that one removes specific personal context and simply looks at facts objectively. In the practice of occult science, one pays attention also to the subtleties within the mind of the individual as well as the subtle images and events which may be perceived in the environment perhaps as the result of hidden or occult causes. By analogy, the structure of mass on the nano level creates patterns which can sometimes be discerned by the naked eye. But the patterns of subtle causality and structure which can be discerned only with special lenses and equipment imply a cosmic ordering which is innate and not always directly visible at the surface of events. Therefore, decisions about how to view events, and on what level intelligence may be active must be part of the narrations of those occultly probing the surface of observed anomaly. Review The multidimensional variety of Eugenia Macer-Story’s writings is mind-bending. She is prolific, unusual, visionary and a captivating writer. — Carol Lexter “Fancy Living” Magazine Always unexpected scenes fascinating and prolific, Eugenia Macer-Story is a terrific story teller…, unusual colorful style are only two aspects of her creative genius. A formidable writer. — unsolicited response to a previous E.Macer-Story book found on About the Author Eugenia Macer-Story is a poet/playwright and visual artist who also writes books and articles on the supernatural and mystifying and/or anomalous events and experiences. Eugenia Macer-Story’s links To purchase Eugenia’s books go here.

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