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Published on August 10, 2013 by   ·   10 Comments The Orion Project - Real Or Imaginary - Book CoverComing August 24 11pm Eastern With Hosts Jeffery Pritchett & Mark Eddy
In August 2011 I was contacted by a man from Orion. Soon after, a Dinosaur. Then the Red Reptilian and Black Reptilian and others followed. The Orion Project was to document the experience and to find out if the contact was Real? Or Imaginary? In this book the author gets to know the Aliens and herself in her new role as egg donor in their Draconian Agenda, and asks herself and the Aliens throughout the book whether the contact is real or imagined. This book has hundreds of pages of the actual telepathic conversations between me and the aliens since the very beginning. Find out what happens when the Orion man makes contact and tells me about their medical genetic projects. Then I meet the Dinosaur and the Reptilians. Reptilians teach me about themselves and how to honor their scales and tremble before their power. I also meet many other fantastic alien characters who came to mean a lot to me in friendship. David Eckhart’s Draconian who says his name is Snake comes for a visit with his Crocodile Man, and the one and only legendary North Port Florida Devil whom I first name Goblin, then White Dragon and Gargoyle, loves to chat to me about how he likes to spy on humans and see what they are doing. And wants me to bring him some milk! The book also has discussions with the US military men who oversee alien activities and are responsible for Military Abductions the MILABS, and ends with a conversation with the Airship Admiral, an ET who came to see if the rumors were true, if in fact yours truly was a snake charmer. In August 2011 I was contacted by a man from Orion. Soon after, by a Dinosaur and Reptilians. I was introduced to several human-alien hybrids and was being used as an egg donor. These are the actual letters I wrote to SETI The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. SETI never answered, but I continued to write. And so these letters became a silent monologue capturing a case of alien contact as it unraveled. Featuring 35 letters and authentic telepathic conversations with Orions, Dinosaurs, Zetas, Reptilians and other ETs. This book is a documentary and this is not fiction. Why would they think that it’s fiction? – asks the Orion man now Because humans don’t believe in alien life. There is no evidence. – me I am sad to hear that. – says Orion man Eva Draconis was contacted by a man from Orion in August 2011 and has continued to write down every conversation and experience in the contact with Orions, Reptilians, and the other ETs of the Agenda. The original question was, is the contact real or imaginary. Months into the contact she concluded that the contact is real. The main evidence lies in that the Reptilians can toss her. Thousands of pages of verbatim telepathic conversations have been written down and are being made available, uncensored, in these books. Some of which, too graphic to post on the website. Find more on our website www.orionmindproject.com

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Readers Comments (10)
  1. Becca says:

    How exciting 😀

  2. SubgeniusD says:

    honor their scales and tremble before their power?
    Draconian who says his name is Snake?
    North Port Florida Devil whom I first name Goblin?
    wants me to bring him some milk?
    actual letters I wrote to SETI?

    This is gonna be good. The Mabus Saturday Night comedy hour lol………

    • Oh you know I plan to ask her about these things. Seems to be very serious. Shows like these are always good for the shock rock for sure.

      • Bur Bar says:

        Yeah she is, pay attention to all her updates. From many abductees/contactees she seem quite stable and lucid. Like Ken Bakeman which its also legit IMO. I wont miss this interview!

  3. Truth says:

    No more mindless killing of animals and humans for food and blood, stop feeding the parasites and manipulators upon this planet we are all equals but the alien agenda of human-enslavement through our consent is now at its end for the people have awakened to the degree of operating on a level of collective sympathetic vibration.

    Love to all beings, good, neutral, bad, Love to all. Stand in your power and do what is right in Light of Christ Love consciousness, Universal Harmony Peace upon Earth.

    • Eva Draconis says:

      So I take it that you are a vegan? I’m unhappy with Reptilians eating human and alien people too, but on the other hand it is double standard. We do the same or worse to our animals. And if you argue that our animals are less conscious or do not suffer or that God gave us the right to slaughter and eat them, those are some of the same arguments used by the Aliens who eat people.


      • Supremely Divine says:

        I have corresponded with Eva in the past about my contact. She is telling truths that others cannot in a million years understand. I became a vegetarian after my purebliss encounter with 1000 orbs and a zeta. People have different contact experiences, but I have had them all my life and I understand Eva.

  4. Azoth says:

    I hear lizzard tastes like chicken. That is what my friend in the OTO told me.

    If they eat us, then we can eat them.

    Americans got guns, why not use ’em ! :-p

    Crowley was a great master.

    One of his mottos was he wanted his adepts head to be in the heavens and thier feets to be in hell. This means
    he wanted his adepts to straddle all existence.

  5. Azoth says:

    Well if yah want the best tasting meat;the USA is the place to go. Afterall ,the USA are proclaiming thier #1

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