Vanderbilt Mortgage Are Monsters Fellow Home Consumers Beware!

Published on June 19, 2012 by   ·   No Comments So we went to the lawyer about our mortgage being behind for four months with Vanderbilt Mortgage. He said they were the worst company ever to work with. That they had 300,000 foreclosed homes in the United States. We are four months behind and he said we couldnt afford the monthly court cost for Chapter 13 and the mortgage to keep the house afloat. He basically hinted at letting it go. Then he says they can’t get you out of the home til it sells on the court room steps. Well alot of houses are for sale in my neighborhood and land has been forsale for over 10 years next door to me. What if the house never sales? I’ve heard of people staying years in their homes and saving up money in the meantime. Vanderbilt Mortgage sent letters saying they’ll help with programs to modify. But then they want money first and won’t guarantee the modification. We owe over 3,000 or so for four months. Why give them money if they are not going to modify and just end up back in the same boat while paying 830.00 a month? Then one of their representatives said they would put what we owe on the back burner of the mortgage and modify it so we can afford based on our income. So I ask about that and they treat me like I’m crazy when one of them said it to begin with. So this is a prime example of the housing problem in America. FL has the most foreclosures in the United States. So do you really stay in the house til it sales? What if it doesn’t ever sale? Seems weird to me. I’d like to catch it up but if they will not modify then might as well rent and stay here and save. The idea of dealing with Vanderbilt Mortgage til we’re 90 plus years seems pretty terrifying to me. If they don’t come to their senses and modify first then ask for money. Then they can add 300,001 to all their empty houses and stick it where the sun don’t shine I reckon. If we are going through this I hate to think how many other people are.

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