Paul & Ben Eno: Behind the Paranormal 2: Bigfoot, Mothman and Monsters You Never Heard Of

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With Pritchett and WHAM!

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Find out why you shouldn’t look out your windows at night! Join father-son broadcasters and paranormal adventurers Paul & Ben Eno, along with the world’s greatest monster hunters, for a plunge into new realms of weirdness in these first-hand reports of encounters with unexplained creatures, some never before published. Prepare not only for new encounters with Bigfoot and Mothman, but brace yourself to meet things you couldn’t make up, like the Ear Eater of Jasper County, the Webb Lake Big Bird and the Van Meter Visitor. And the explanations? In this companion book to “Behind the Paranormal: Everything You Know is Wrong (Schiffer Books, 2016), you’ll find more reason than ever to realize: Everything You Know REALLY IS Wrong!

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