Jeffery Pritchett Fear & Loathing in Florida Pro Obamacare & Jerry Lehane Calls In

Published on July 1, 2012 by   ·   No Comments Jeffery breaks open his alien brain…
Obama the furor socialist Anti-Christ will win in November and his domination against the forces of good will be complete and I will join him by his side with the evil one Lucifer and we will control the Earth and the fallen ones will reign supreme. I want my chip and my tent in the fema camps. I can’t wait for martial law im so happy about all of this I can practically mentally masturbate myself with telekenesis. Free ice cream for everyone! Oh yeah one more thing! Booga Booga!
About Jerry Lehane
I originated /designed the Mars sats & rovers April1987 (notCuriosity,just the name). I am seeking mass media attention for life on Mars and against the disinfo campaign in service since at least the 1940’s about ufo’s,1960’s Mars Life,1960’s life on the Moon.Yes we DO have a need to know the truth,even about 911. I often wander off topic to keep the masses entertained. I’m a ghostwriter for mass media.

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