Jim Miles: Mysteries of Georgia’s Military Bases: Ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot

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Georgia has some of the country’s most important bases with facilities covering enormous areas. Is it any wonder that they have their share of ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot sightings? Visit more than 13 military bases, including Forts Benning, Gillem, Gordon, McPherson, Screven, and Stewart; Air Force bases Moody, Robbins, and Turner; Army Airfields Lawson and Hunter; and Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, to read eyewitness accounts of the paranormal. Meet a child ghost trapped at Dobbins, relive a pilot’s harrowing UFO chase at Benning, and shiver with a soldier at Gordon who witnessed one of the largest Bigfoot creatures ever reported. Georgia military bases, with their endless angst, secrets, and vast acreage, have led to many tales of the paranormal: ghosts haunt all the bases, Bigfoot roams Army ranges, and UFOs fly over aerial and naval forces. Examine these events to gain a new perspective of those who protect the US.

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