COM And Hell Followed With Them.. w/ Joe Montaldo

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with Pritchett and McNicholas!

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Our guest went AWOL no idea why so Joe Montaldo stopped by and also here is an interesting statement about Alyne Pustanio for those wondering about the end of the show when I talk about this nutter butter.

Alyne Pustanio & Bernadine Leblanc hosts of Supernatural Substation which is after my show. Alyne Pustanio has repeatedly come in chat during The Church of Mabus radio show being rude to my friends and listeners to the show. Such as comments of us being immature and real idiot shit. Then she proceeds to tell people they need Jesus. A mix of shoving religion down people’s throats and also last night threatened to do a doll baby conjuring on me. Can anyone explain the hypocrisy of a voodoo wannabe telling people they need Christ but threatening dark spell work on people? She has also claimed when she comes in chat that she can’t be in the chat room because her aura effects the static on the microphone. This woman is nuts and I assume her friend is just as bat shit crazy. Just putting out an FYI code red on these two. We got ourselves a radio war going on now. Now I’m waiting for Voodoo Jesus to come get me. I would think Harm None 3 fold would apply here. Definitely amateur hour face like a foots is the impression I’m receiving. Alyne has also said Bernie Sanders needs his balls drug thru the street. So got some kinda right wing tootie fruitie shit going on as well apparently. I don’t go into other show’s chats and act like this.

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