Joseph Ferrell The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa’s Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12

Published on May 6, 2014 by   ·   No Comments 51sI7clFgCLThese are archives from when the show first started out back in the Golden Olden days. I am not sure what the dates are for these shows that I will be adding to the Golden Oldie section but at least they are here for your enjoyment. I will be adding more and more as time progresses.
This interview was about many of his book but we did talk about the Nazis and the Bell a lot and the Giza Death Star. In 1945, a mysterious Nazi secret weapons project code-named The Bell left its underground bunker in lower Silesia, with its project documentation, and the 4-star SS general Hans Kammler. Taken aboard a massive six engine Junkers 390 ultra-long range aircraft, The Bell, Kammler, and all project records disappeared completely, along with the gigantic Junkers 390 carrying them. It has been speculated that it flew to Argentina. As a prelude to this disappearing act, the SS murdered most of the scientists and technicians involved with the project, a secret weapon that, according to one German Nobel prize-winning physicist, was given a classification of decisive for the war — the highest security classification. Offered here is a range of exotic technologies the Nazis researched, and challenges to the conventional views of the end of World War Two, the Roswell incident, and the beginning of MAJIC-12, the government’s alleged secret team of UFO investigators.  

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