Keegan Reid and Christopher S. Jacobs: Understanding Sasquatch

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With Pritchett and McNicholas!

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Keegan Reid is a guy that got interested in the Sasquatch People in the last year after having an encounter on his first day out looking for the forest folk.

Since, that time, he has done a lot of research into the phenomenon and realized that there needed to be more information out there to help to better understand these amazing beings.

Now, Keegan runs a research group on Facebook with over 1000 members and also has his own Youtube Interview program that helps to get to the bottom of the enigmatic Sasquatch People phenomenon and bring as much truth to light as possible. The name of the interview program is called Understanding Sasquatch.

My name is Christopher Stephen Jacobs and I am a psychic medium, remote viewer, and healer from Prescott, AZ. WATCHERSPEAK is my business where I not only conduct readings of people about life’s situations, but can cleanse their homes and businesses as well as give insight as to what may or may not have been the real causes behind things that have occured in their lives. Some are past life related, some are dimensional related, and some are ghost and demon related. Some of these occurances may actually be extraterrestrial in origin. Many are alien abductees and they do not even realize it. I can check to see if anyone has one alien implant or many. Usually many. When found, I can force them to shut down and disintegrate. I can also see if anyone was tested on by said aliens. The law of one, along with wards and catalysts (spells), are my tools of the trade. Some may think that I am crazy or have some sort of disorder, but all I offer is the truth. If something is alien related, I will say so. If something is ghost related, I will say so. I hold nothing back. Many say psychic mediums that charge are not legit. The truth of the matter is that we have to eat food, sleep with a roof over our head, and be able do the things we want to be able to do in life without having to work a humdrum, do nothing, lifeless job that sucks the soul out of us to where we cannot serve humanity in the capacity that we are meant to. So, to say we are fake or frauds simply because some of us choose to charge for a service just like any other employed person is completely wrong. We put our necks, and our energies most times on the line combating things most people consider to be mere fantasy and fiction. I am not saying that I would refuse to remove a demon unless someone pays me, that is wrong. I am just saying that this profession, and it is a profession despite what the naysayers and skeptics say, is just as real and just as dangerous as any of the emergency services at times and deserves to be recognized as such. I charge for a reading, cleansing, and/or paranormal investigating. as such. I charge for a reading, cleansing, and/or paranormal investigating.

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