National Geographic to send message to space via mankind to aliens via Twitter

Published on June 22, 2012 by   ·   No Comments (Please make sure you click the full interview for full details on this endeavor and how you can participate) From Jeffery Pritchett of Examiner This endeavor seems like a strange one coming from Chasing UFOs and the National Geographic Channel. Compiling messages from humanity thrrough Twitter members. Sending a message to Extrateresstrials hopefully who are on other planets or flying around in their UFOs. What will the messages contain and who will answer? These are the questions I am wondering about this fantastic high strange endeavor. I have had many guests on my radio show The Church Of Mabus discussing UFOs and alien life for going on four years now. I have to say this scenario certainly has my attention and I find it fascinating. I am grateful to be able to share the message with you here on my Examiner. What do you think will happen? Good hopefully and not the summoning forth of interstellar marauders to devour our very souls. Then one must ask if this did work and it was answered. Would there be a cover up by government agencies to supress the message? Or is it a part of their agenda altogether? Many questions with so little answers. Either way it’s highly fascinating to say the least! Now for the peanut and jelly of the sandwich of a situation Full Interview Slide show

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