A New UFO Organization M.A.B.U.S. We Need Your Support! Cryptids Also!

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17634379_10155007795298463_8695147185068148046_nIn recent months we have seen extremism in Ufology thru a certain group’s leaders. We have seen hatred rear its ugly head since the last election. America isn’t what we want it to be anymore. This certain group also is well known to have been infiltrated by Bigelow Aerospace long ago. Contactees were sold down the river and their evidence went missing. Basically to belong to this group and to report your sightings you might as well contacted the FBI and asked for the X-Files Smoking Man.

I am building a new organization and I need your help. The group will be called M.A.B.U.S. We will be a UFO reporting agency and we need to a build a website or upgrade the radio show website to do this at churchofmabusradio.com We will see what support we have and how much we raise to determine the future.

We will welcome all races and sexual persuasions but we will do our best to avoid those who seem to be political extremists that represent hatred. We will not sell out to big brother and give them evidence that belongs to you the experiencer. We will chronicle your experiences and have meetings online or in person to have fellowship. The other organization has not done anything about the hatred in
a worthwhile manner. We will not tolerate that kinda talk and we will not sell out people who have gone thru these experiences. They’ve been through enough and they come to an organization like this for help and then get sold down the river and get robbed blind! No more! Show your support and contribute or write me on Facebook with what you can offer or contact me at my main email address mabusincarnate@gmail.com Thanks for donating and thanks for being here. Let this be something positive among all this betrayal and hate. Let us grow and become what M.A.B.U.S. is truly meant to be! PS We are definitely looking for website geniuses and artists and yes you the contactee and even if you just have a curiousity about this subject. You will be welcomed into our embrace!

Thanks you for stopping by.

Jeffery Pritchett – Host of The Church of Mabus radio show

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