Ouija Board: My Message From The Hereafter

Published on July 18, 2012 by   ·   No Comments When my father Joel Pritchett passed away I was the one who had the unfortunate task of taking his ashes somewhere respectable to blow in the wind. I recalled a place he mentioned wanting them put at when I traveled with him as a child. At the time I had his ashes I was going thru a severe rock and roll star stage of destruction. So the ashes set around in a closet for a while. Until one day I saw a dark shadow cross the hall. Friends and I immediately began using a Ouija board and it began to channel either my father or some type of entity. I proceeded to ask the Ouija where I should take the ashes of my father. It spelled out a place I knew of as a kid that me and him went to (BlackTop) Mountain. We quickly grabbed the board and piled into a car and drove about 6 hours or more to get there. We came to the mountain and became lost so we all pulled out the board again and asked it which way to go. It gave a direction that lead us to the same place me and my father traveled too when I was a child. I remembered being here with my father and spread his ashes out over the mountains of Georgia. After that we all went to the board again for one last message. The last message spelled out were the words, I Love You. We all wept, which was really strange and hugged and went home never to forget the story of my father and the Ouija and the message from the hereafter. Rest in Peace Dad.

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