Ross Curley’s Discovery Of A Structure On Mars?

Published on September 4, 2012 by   ·   No Comments My Mars Structure. STRUCTURE ON MARS Discovering that Google earth also had something called Google Mars I started my search in June of 2009. Learning how to search this mass of satellite images was trial and error, I learned the many secrets of my new found research project. Until I joined Mars Anomaly Research Society I was a independent image analyst. I used my online gaming name of LoneQQwolf on all my work and posted my early work at Disclose.TV. I Ross Curley am now Chief Photo Analyst at MARS sharing my past and present discoveries with Andrew D. Basiago, Lewis M. Rhinehart and William Stillings. I hopped and skipped across Mars opening only the large satellite links. Using all of the tools that Google-earth-Mars had to offer and on or about 6/21/2009 I came across Cromelin Crater.The image link is 16 miles wide and 75 miles long. This I thought would take some time to research and I was right about that, but was well worth the time and effort. I started my scan at about 8,000′ and used the auto move screen function that is on all Google earth maps. At this altitude my screen is full and my view is now down to 8 miles wide and 4 miles length. If something catches my eye I will then zoom in to examine from every angle I can get. I started at lower left corner of image and was about half way up when I noticed something strange, it looked like a foot ball field goal post. When you first view Google earth, North is at the top as you view the screen and this is how I start and if nothing is found then I rotate the screen putting South at the top and go back down. The North view on this area in question shows very little as to there being something there, when viewed from a South view it all comes together as one very large structure, as viewed in my attached images. Main map image credit Google earth/Mars. I can’t really tell if it’s a structure from the past or present, but it is a structure, I have no doubt in my mind and there is no one who can tell or show me different. Thank you for your time and yes Mars had life in the past and still has life today. Link to image data page, best viewed with Google Chrome. Screen shot of location viewed from Google earth-Mars.

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