Seth Breedlove: The Mothman of Point Pleasant

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Pritchett and WHAM!

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The documentary film looks to retell the Mothman legend through eyewitness testimony and the perspective of Point Pleasant citizens. The Mothman was first sighted in 1966 and sightings continued until around the time a bridge that connected the West Virgina town of Point Pleasant to the Ohio town of Gallopolis collapsed in 1967. The documentary will tell not only the Mothman stories but the entire thirteen month span between the first sightings and the bridge collapse.

Small Town Monsters is an independent film series that explores lost and bizarre history around the United States. Focusing on small town folklore, our team tells stories through the words and experiences of those who were most affected by them – residents and witnesses.

Released in Spring of 2015, “Minerva Monster” was the first film in the series, and explored strange occurrences in 1970’s Minerva, OH. Our sophmore film, Beast of Whitehall, was released in Spring of 2016; and a third film is scheduled to begin production in late April of 2016.

In addition to producing films, Small Town Monsters also attends events throughout the year to screen their movies and talk about these strange tales. DVDs, merchandise and other media related to the series is available in the online store, events, and Vimeo.

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