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Published on October 4, 2015 by   ·   No Comments 6095209_1443624391_2038I’m Jeffery Pritchett the host of The Church of Mabus radio show. This year has been something else in the calamity department. My step father died about 6 months ago and just recently my brother lost his job at Lowes after working there 13 years. I have a job working online putting up articles but my income alone may not be able to keep our home afloat while he is looking for another job. I am not one to ask for money unless I have to. I can only think of one other time many years ago for a computer.  I’ve given 7 years of my life pretty much working for nothing to put out my radio show to the public. So hopefully that connection will help build up some sort of funding to help us through this difficult time. Thank you for your support. If you’d like to donate you can at our GOFUNDME PAGE HERE

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