Stephen Bassett Attacks Basiago/Webre’s Obama Mars Time Travel Fairytale Circus

Published on October 15, 2012 by   ·   1 Comment This drama is just to amusing not to share. I Jeffery Pritchett the host of The Church Of Mabus radio show also questioned Webre and Basiago and Stilling’s Mars Time Travel Story. Then was ruthlessly attacked by all of them and called a dark cabal CIA spook. Even though I don’t always agree with Bassett and honestly think all of Exopolitics is mostly a joke. I have to say bravo to Stephen for having the balls to question Alfred Webre and Andrew Basiago’s bullshit story that was created for attention and money. Here is Alfred’s rant about it all and I just wanted to bring it forth for everyone to read for the amusement of it. Once again Bravo Stephen Bassett! Of course now like me you will be labeled as a government spook just for questioning this fairy tale. But trust me its worth it to stand up to this kinda of nonsense and psychosis in the field of Ufology and those that surround it. Thank you. Jeffery Pritchett Host of The Church Of Mabus Radio Show. RESPONSE TO STEPHEN BASSETT’S ATTACK ON ANDREW D. BASIAGO AND ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE BECAUSE OF THE COLBERT REPORT’S UNETHICAL AND OPPORTUNISTIC POST-PRODUCTION EDIT OF THEIR INTERVIEW OF ANDY Steve Bassett, in his attack on Andrew D. Basiago and Alfred Lambremont Webre because Andy was “sand-bagged” by unethical and opportunistic post-production editing by The Colbert Report after giving a truth-oriented interview, reveals an absurd view of the Truth Movement and speaks volumes for the lack of integrity that Paradigm Research Group brings to the Truth Movement. PRG ignores the fact that The Colbert Report invited Andrew D. Basiago to do a straightforward, policy-oriented interview that was to be focused on how teleportation can provide a way for the United States to free itself from dependence on foreign sources of oil, filmed the interview in Portland, Oregon in June 2012, and then recently in post-production added a 1953 CIA Robertson Panel-like “hit” on the CIA’s Mars jump room program of the early 1980’s that included not only Andrew D. Basiago, Barack H. Obama, and Regina E. Dugan, but Andy’s fellow chrononauts who have stepped forward as whistle blowers, William B. Stillings and Bernard Mendez. Mr. Bassett has now banned Alfred Lambremont Webre, the founder of Exopolitics, from this group Exopolitics World Network so that Mr. Webre cannot directly defend his view that Andy is the most significant whistle blower ever to emerge in the Truth Movement. What is Bassett going to do now? Re-write history to exclude Alfred Webre as the founder of Exopolitics and its continuing champion? Mr. Basiago had no control over the editing of the Colbert program. He was only informed via email the night before its release on the day of the Biden-Ryan debate that the producers had contrived a comedic premise for a piece that they had assured Mr. Basiago was going to be a serious news feature about the potential of teleportation that they then twisted into an over-the-top satire of President Obama. The fact that Carol Browner, former EPA director and Obama’s energy czar, was used in the final edit to state the historical falsehood that “teleportation does not exist” shows how deep this Colbert disinformation piece went. Shame on you, Mr. Bassett! You have sold out the Truth Movement. We in the Truth Movement are on to you now. You are a de facto apologist for the time travel and Mars jump room cover-ups, which are signal issues in exopolitics. As Andy prepares to bring forward yet a fourth Mars jump room participant as a corroborating witness, we invite you to prepare your apology, for it will be well-deserved when you send it! — Andrew D. Basiago and Alfred Lambremont Webre via Exopolitica Argentina, October 15, 2012 STEPHEN BASSETT NOTICE PUBLISHED IN EXOPOLITICS WORLD NETWORK AND OTHER VENUES Notice re: Basiago and Webre NOTICE Exopolitics is a serious field of endeavor and the issues at stake are enormous. The Disclosure movement is a global advocacy effort involving hundreds of activists devoting a major portion of their lives, usually without financial compensation, to change governmental policy and bring the truth to the world’s people. A truth embargo was iimplemented by the United States and its allies to prevent a formal Disclosure of the ET presence. I have said on numerous occasions, “one way or another this embargo will make fools of us all,” and it does. It is not easy going up against state policies, so it is preferred the movement stick together when possible. Given the Disclosure process is a truth movement and a freedom movement, the bar must be set high as regards tolerance and understanding of the ideas, theories and assertions of those in the arena. Paradigm Research Group has set that bar higher than most, but sadly Andrew D. Basiago and Alfred L. Webre have jumped it. Enough is enough. Alfred Webre has made important contributions to exopolitics and the Disclosure movement and undergone much personal sacrifice to pursue abuses of human rights. He is a brilliant, hard working activist. Unfortunately, these accomplishment have been overshadowed by a ten-year, obsessive, almost religious, devotion to and promotion of the assertions of Andrew Basiago. These assertions, absent reasonable evidentiary support, are little more than narcissism drenched, adolescent fantasies. More troubling to PRG is the fact that anyone who challenges these assertions or even makes simple requests for supportive documentation is deemed a government operative or disinformation agent. That is not debate, it is paranoia. Mr. Webre and Mr. Basiago have a plethora of venues to present their views – the Colbert Report being one example – and PRG is not essential to their right of expression. If, at some future time, the assertions of Andrew Basiago regarding Mars, teleportation, time travel, Barack Obama, etc., etc. are proven to be true, PRG will publish and aggressively promote an open letter of apology to Messrs. Basiago and Webre. That is not likely to happen, but what will happen is PRG projects will no longer be a platform for these claims. ARTICLE URL:

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  1. Ted says:

    Interesting watching everyone shredding each other…. Webre and the Exos have done little to nothing to help the field of inquiry move forward with respect to actually knowing anything about the phenomena collectively referred to by competent researchers as “UAP”.
    The idea that people standing on podiums and claiming their involvement in things alien will change the status quo is flawed. People have been standing on podiums addressing this subject somewhere in the world since the mid-1900s and with little to no effect on the status quo other than to further imbed it in the realm of crazy and deluded.
    There are databases with hundreds and hundreds of reports but no-one had even bothered to do the most basic foundational cuts to look for testable trends in the data. This should have been done in the 1950s. We have been doing it in our subset of study for over a decade. But the “know-it-alls” in Exopolitics and the field in general are far too busy with war with the Draconians to prove that even ONE UFO report actually is an alien incursion into the Earth domain….
    I think there are some misquided but sincere efforts in this field and then there are some conmen taking advantage of people who aren’t smart enough to keep it from happening. I think the Exo movement falls under the latter heading… but hearing Stephen Basset and Steven Greer and Webre and Eisenhower and Basiago and Harris and…. just makes me want to walk away from UFOlogy myself….the fact that my crew avoids this stuff altogether is one of the prime reasons why we are able to participate in the actual study on an official international level while these people just focus on making themselves sound important.
    There is a huge difference between Notoriety and Authority and all of these folks have lost sight of it.

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