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Published on January 28, 2016 by   ·   3 Comments 11143418_1085521698142474_209053023672923873_nComing February 5th 8pm Eastern With Pritchett and Jay McNicholas! Archive up! Go to this link to download or listen.. Steve Patrick Carrington is the creator and Admin of a great Facebook page Anomalous Universe. We will be discussing all things paranormal and Bigfoot and Cryptozoology. As well as getting into the controversial topic is Bigfoot just flesh or paranormal? We will also get into the Bigfoot community and prejudices against those who believe in the paranormal.

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  1. SubgeniusD says:

    Download link no longer included? Not even a redirect to Soundcloud? Good way to lose new listeners.

    You know 100MB is not a very large media file at all in 2016.

    BTW Soundcloud now requires you to create an account before allowing downloads. Plus Online player doesn’t work with Chrome or Opera even with scriptblockers turned off.

    Finally worked with FireFox but had to use a media capture plugin to download audio file.

    Too many hoops to jump through, homie, esp in a field saturated with interesting podcasts. Just sayin’.

  2. SubgeniusD says:

    If increasing your upload limit is too problematic or unfeasible you can simply download the file yourself and convert it from 128 kb/s to 64 kb/s with
    (be careful to uncheck bundled adware during installation!!)

    For conversion, drag file into window, hit the “to MP3” icon, click + (add preset) and select 64 kbps. Conversion takes about 5 minutes.

    For this episode reduced file size from 105MB to 53MB and it still sounds just fine.

    You know your pre-Soundcloud episodes were only 32 kb/s and sounded ok.

  3. SubgeniusD says:

    Hey did you catch the EVP at 1:48:13?

    Right after JP “You gotta be an angry Amish person” a female voice emits a distinct “Whoa!!” that I guess none of you could here.

    Great show btw, “CobraCon Hillary” literally made me laugh out loud 🙂

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