The Dead Have Often Been Seen with Aliens on UFOs by Contactees

Published on July 5, 2012 by   ·   1 Comment Many witnesses have confirmed having alien experiences and being inside ships and whilst doing so having seen the dearly deceased and departed. I believe on many levels aliens are also what we call angels in many scenarios through out civilization’s belief systems. This would make them the caretakers of the dead on some level if the beings being seen are in alignment with the Source of all of creation of the cosmos. Working in unison with the spiritual side of humanity to help them transition on many levels. Because often the messages coveyed are definitely messages of positivity and hope in cases like these where the recently departed are seen with these beings from the other side. So if the Contactee sees these departed loved ones with these alien beings then it is a reassurance of life after death. Which can bring healing from grief and worry about a family member or friend who has died and passed over. I have also wondered on many levels if our spirits are in fact the same Universal family as the aliens in question. For instance if we are a spiritual being having a human experience and we choose to incarnate into the Earth during this turmoiled filled time to help build more positive change through our missions of action. Then it would make sense that we are working with these good alien beings. I would think if you see your dearly departed with these alien beings that would make them good. I personally have never heard of any negative experiences resulting from aliens when they are seen with the departed. It would be a message of hope and love and light to see your loved one with these beings I would think. Perhaps they simply came to visit you through this means of communication with the alien beings during a hectic time in your life. To help build up your faith in the spiritual scheme of things in this world we call Earth. If indeed these beings are caretakers of the dead then it would make sense that perhaps in near death experiences when people report having life reviews that there are beings present. I would think these beings are the angel aliens we speak of and our guides and teachers from the otherside who we are connected with. Plus we are always connected with those we love through the heart and soul even when they have passed over to the great beyond. So this leaves us with many answers and probably still many questions which is usually the case with life and death. Earth is a school of learning and change and experience on many spiritual levels. I believe that is why we come here to grow and evolve to new states of being of consciousness. These alien angels are our teachers and guides and friends and family. Perhaps even at sometime we embodied what they look like on a soul level. I have always thought that we are aliens as well on many levels. The word alien seems deragatory on many levels and demeaning. But it is the one society has chosen to use to label these angels of our lives and deaths. Perhaps they are only alien because we have forgot who they are through experiencing the Earth. Since they have probably always been there on many levels when we are of spirit in the spiritual world. Then in truth we have always known who they are and always have the choice to remember them. Perhaps we made soul agreements with them to have Contactee experiences whilst on the Earth and then to be messengers of these experiences to help humanity remember. But often fear and negativity and Hollywood propaganda gets in the way diluting a beautiful message. I have often asked Contactees how would their experiences be without the human fear and their answers is usually always simply put with one word “Beautiful”. What do you think have you had an alien experience and seen dearly departed loved ones as well? If so contact me and tell me what you think and what happened at by Jeffery Pritchett host of  

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  1. jacqueline says:

    i totally believe in this anyone elnse who has experienced this or even dreams like this get ahold of me i would love to talk to you i have experienced this stuff in dreams

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