The Reed Family UFO Alien Contactee Story Is The Most Convincing Ever

Published on September 3, 2012 by   ·   6 Comments THOMAS REED / THE REED FAMILY CONTACTS In the autumn of 1966 Thomas Reed, age 6, and his younger brother Matthew, age 4, were taken from their Sheffield, Massachusetts home.  Both men have conscious memories of a lengthy experience with non-human entities and being taken aboard a landed UFO. A year later this happened again.  This time their mother, Nancy, frantically searched their 80 acre horse farm, eventually finding the boys on a dirt track, heavily shaken and in need of care after they had been missing for several hours. In the autumn of 1969 the two boys, Nancy, and her mother, Marian, were all returning from a horse show near their home when the entire family was taken by a large UFO that Marian described as like a ‘flying strip mall’. Unknown to the boys at the time, their mother and her friend had experienced similar beings back in 1954 in Moosehead Lake, Maine.  When Nancy had married Howard Reed, she recounted her family’s history with UFOs and non human entities.  This ran in stark contrast to Howard’s political aspirations, the position he held in local office and his high standing in the community.  It was clear that Nancy’s family history couldn’t be discussed in public. That changed when Howard became friends with attorney Robert Bletchman.   The two men found they had more than a passing interest in the subject and subsequently spent many years working on the case.  Bletchman was also responsible for taking the Reed case to the United Nations in 1992, a testament to the caliber of the witnesses and the seriousness of this case. In 2006 Howard began working on a book using many of Bletchman’s notes. Bletchman was to die of cancer, and Reed of Legionnaires disease (official cause) before the book could be completed. The CDC, on sweeping Reed’s school office, reported brand new ceiling tiles and a mysterious vial in the air conditioning unit. The school has remained closed to this day. In 2009 Matthew Reed was returning home from a movie in Brownsburg, Indiana when he spotted a glowing, orange ball-like UFO. The next thing Matthew recalls is being in a field with blood on his nose and shirt. The car’s instrument panel had been severely damaged, there was also blood on the steering wheel and high amounts of radio activity and electro-magnetism were found on and around the car. This incident was investigated by Bigelow Aerospace, who took physical trace evidence. Dr Michael Buckner, PhD, from the Knoxville Hypnosis Centre met with Matthew and Thomas Reed and studied their experiences.  Dr Buckner also administered tests to Tom’s son, Chance, who appears to display extraordinary aptitude and remote-viewing capabilities. Eight weeks before being scheduled to go on record and speak publicly about the case, Dr Buckner was found dead – the third death to surround this case. The Reed Case spans over 50 years and three generations of the family.  This complex story includes testimonies gleaned from conscious recollections, numerous supporting documents and independent testing.  Steve White, a detective with over 30 years experience, investigated the case for MUFON and described it as one of the most detailed he’d ever come across. The Reed case is without doubt one of the most convincing CE4 contact cases ever to surface. The Reed family legacy is suitably honored in the International UFO Museum at Roswell, New Mexico. A drawing made by Thomas when he was 10 hangs here. This depicts a willow tree that was shown to him during his first encounter, a symbol that has had particular significance to him throughout his life. In memory of his step-father, Thomas Reed today tells first hand testimony at conferences and lectures and has recently appeared on TV documentaries and in the mainstream news media. He is currently working on a book project with Lorin Cutts and several other media projects. Lorin Cutts Executive Partner – Global Radio Alliance

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Readers Comments (6)
  1. gary says:

    You people must be complete idiots to believe this fluff abduction story. If you want one more bizarre than this one to capitalize and sensationalize, then try the Sandy Nichols Abduction Tales. At least he gives more intriguing details of all events.

  2. gary says:

    “Paranormal UFO Occult Radio Show”

    Sweet, that holds a lot of Occult Interest, and less Scientific Credibility!

    Thanks for the Confirmation!

  3. Hey Gary how about a nice healthy dose of more fiber in your diet and a Chia seed enema?

  4. Thom Reed says:


    Let me say, what we share, is document driven, it’s verifiable, the principal detective / officer has subsequently gone on record. Yes the case was investigated by law enforcement, and it was mentioned within the walls of the United Nations. I also passed my 1st and only polygraph test, and the Officer who administered it has also gone on record. The encounter left trace evidence, that is in “black in white”. This is not me informing you, it’s the official documentation. My brother and I are only introducing persons to the documents and material. My father was also killed on the same day, Oct 2nd. In closing our case was also talk about on WSBS Radio back in the 1960’s, (in our home town) I find it odd that so many want confirmation, yet when it’ there, uniformed skeptics make harsh reckless, and ignorant criticisms, before doing groundwork. The evidence in this case is being taken before a court to be ruled on, by a Law Firm. All the best Thom

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