Thunder Whitecloud: Cures Through Quantum Mechanics + Fred Bell In Memoriam

Published on March 26, 2013 by   ·   No Comments quantum worldHost by Jeffery Pritchett and Jerry Avalos on April 6th 11pm E or listen on the archives later
Thunder is from the farm lands of the midwest where he worked raising crops and animals helping pioneer ecological farming methods & paying his way to college. After pursuing his education, he got into the commercial engineering field & ended up in reversing technologies. Through his own research into applied quantum mechanics, Thunder has developed revolutionary products that border on miraculous. This includes profound reduction of harmful EMF & toxic car emissions with use of a simple holographic sticker, or even more shocking, a text message on your phone! Friend Dr. Fred Bell of Thunder Whitecloud passed away from a heart attack during an episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory during The Death Ray episode. It really touched me and I know Thunder has much to say about this scenario. I would like this episode also to be a tribute to Fred Bell and his passing from possible harmful technology. We will also be discussing the CT episode Brain Invaders and much more. Chief Thunder
 A very rare talk by one of the world’s gifted scientists who takes you inside the r&d of applied sciences at HOLIDIUM LABS.
  Chief Scientist, Thunder, will explain quantum mechanics designed to target the spectrum of issues facing us today. From the healing of disease to stopping smog worldwide, he will leave you thinking what the BLEEP?! The world first heard of this brilliant mind on Coast to Coast am when George did a live demonstration that changed the temperature of water with just a hologram sticker. HOLIDIUM LABS’ head of applied sciences will talk about some amazing divisions in works at one of the worlds leading quantum labs. Chief Thundder will shock you into a 4d reality and help you visualize where we are heading from here.  The discussion will include how quantum tunneling is used in multi dimensional vortex texting aka Thundder Texts™.  The results of this labs leading r&d takes you from scifi to wifi via texts that are simple to use. Former project manager at CORE Centers of  Reverse Engineering. 
Co founded Environmental Think Tanks. Holds world records in smog and cellsmog emf reduction.

A pioneer in Hollywood working on frequency research for films & video gaming Head of Applied Sciences at HOLIDIUM LABS Inc


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