Trish & Rob MacGregor: Sensing the Future: How to Tap Into Your Intuition & Read Signs From the Universe to Predict What’s to Come

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With Pritchett and WHAM!

Discover Your Untapped Potential to Predict the Future

Have you ever had a hunch that became reality? You may be ignoring signs from the universe about what is to come. Trish and Rob MacGregor, authors and founders of the blog Synchro Secrets, explain how to train your brain and recognize signs in order to enhance your innate precognitive abilities.

Over 400 years ago, Nostradamus wrote predictions that are still relevant, and even today, there are those who experience dreams and physical symptoms prior to catastrophic events such as 9/11. Whether you have had prophetic dreams about a loved one or wish to learn more about these mysterious abilities, Sensing the Future will show you how to harness the power of your intuition. We all have the ability to predict the future if we open ourselves up to the signs of the universe.

Trish and Rob MacGregor are award-winning authors and the founders of They have written numerous books on dreams, psychic development, astrology and divination, including Sydney Omarr’s popular day-by-day horoscope books. Trish and Rob live in Florida.

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