Ufoology’s Wanna Be Rock Stars: The Degeneration Of Tim Binnall

Published on July 10, 2012 by   ·   10 Comments Someone sent this to me today and I just had to repost it to show a shining example of the pompous bullshit in Ufology. A bunch of nerds pretending to be the rock band KISS. Everyone just about mentioned in this article I don’t like and I don’t care who it pisses off. I’m so fed up with the scene of Ufology anything I can do to expose and destroy the dumb masquerading as intellect and set it on fire so it can burn and be reborn is fine by me. I have nothing else to add to this but this above short commentary. Alot of people mentioned in this have openly attacked me for many reasons. So a fine time to return the bad medicine to pricks. This is an enlightening gem in itself. This clearly shows how full of crap so many people are in this genre of entertainment. Yes entertainment because that is what it has become. A carousel of egos who think they are better than everyone else. Geeks living with their mothers and eating cheetos like the author of the below article states. This is what all you cliques love anyway isn’t in Ufology? Drama whoring instead of actual Ufology. So enjoy. – Jeffery Pritchett Host Of The Church Of Mabus radio show From the mullet of truth… Boy do I have a scoop for you, Jeffery. Been following the feud between you and Jeremy Vaeni and Tim Binnall. You need to check into some things. Tim Binnall has not been asked to host the 4th Annual Exeter UFO festival. He hosted for the past two years. Why has he been shunned this time around? Imma tell ya why. He made such a complete fool of himself at last years festival that the festival’s organizer, Dean Merchant decided not to have him back. How did Binnall alienate the festival organizer and the town and people of Exeter? Imma tell you how. Tim Binnall got to Exeter a day early and proceeded to stay in a constant state of inebriation the enter length of his stay in the small bucolic New Hampshire village. He went to a bar and completely pissed off the locals his first night in Exeter. Tim was doing his best to keep this secret but Imma tell you this any way. Timmy was in town shooting what he claimed would be a pilot for a TV show. He went around town and interviewed people on camera, townies, shop keeps, and UFO conference speakers like Stanton Friedman and Richard Dolan. Those interviews must be sitting in a can on a shelf somewhere in Hollywoodland because I ain’t seen hide nor hair of the Tim Binnall UFO show on any History Channel, have you? Yup, thought not. So Tim was running around shooting this nonexistent UFO special in a hung over daze over the course of the UFO festival. Tim Binnall went on to Coast to Coast to promote the 3rd Annual Exeter UFO Festival, Tim does community service for Coast to Coast from time to time. Probably sits around grooming Noory’s mustache whenever Noory rings a bell and summons his house boy. Damn, but I can’t help but think how Coast to Coast must be regretting that decision after I tell you what went down next. Tim also went on his own show and promoted the festival on his feeble-minded podcast that he put together by tying a piece of string between two old Campbell’s soup cans. No I’m serious, that is what it sounds like when you listen to the interviews. It seriously sounds like Binnall and Jim Marrs are on there talking between two soup cans attached with string, wearing tinfoil hats while Tim Binnall sits in the basement of his mother’s house and licks the Cheeto dust from his fingertips. So a bunch of people went to the Exeter UFO show. And they had a party on the deck of the local hotel there in Exeter where everybody stayed. This was the night of the UFO conference. Tim Binnall’s hotel room was a compliment of the show’s organzier and the Exeter Chamber of Commerce who sponsors the Exeter UFO festival. How does he thank the fine city of Exeter for giving him a free hotel room for three nights? He completely trashed the place. But Imma get to that later. The night of the party on the deck, Tim nearly gets into a fist fight with a man and woman who are also out on the deck. The man and the woman were in the corner smoking a cigarette and a drunk Tim Binnall comes out there and in a very loud voice and says something like, “Who is that asshole with that slut?” He said it to the group of people he was with but that man and woman heard this and became enraged, Tim Binnall very nearly had his scrawny ass kicked right then and there. So a bunch of Tim Binnalls fans showed up for this thing, which is pretty amazing because I didn’t think he had any fans. They came from all over New England. Boy did this boost Tim Binnall’s already gargantuan ego. And it is enormous. Seriously, I think the guy has little mans complex because he’s very short in stature and he compensates by being a loud mouth asshole. Not to mention that Woody Woodpecker laugh he’s got, what the HELL is up with that? Later that night, a completely obliterated Tim Binnall urinated in a public trash can in the hotel’s lobby. Frightening. Richard Dolan was also at the hotel party, but for somebody like Tim Binnall who claims to be all buddy-buddy with the bigwigs in Ufology, Tim Binnall and Richard Dolan didn’t say a word to each other. Dolan publically shunned Jeremy Vaeni who was also at the party, because as Jeremy Vaeni said, Vaeni had trash-talked Richard Dolan in some blog post on UFO Magazine blog. Oh, the whole time Timmy is trashed on the hotel’s deck he is completely being belligerent to all these people who came for the UFO festival. But in Tim’s undeveloped mind, they have come to see him alone. Him and Vaeni made several comments to the effect that they were UFO rock stars. My goodness! How pathetic is that? Narcissism is an ugly disease. Binnall’s lackey, Jeremy Vaeni (or is it the other way around?) had to escort drunk Binnall back to his room before he made an even bigger fool of himself or got his ass kicked. Tim Binnall shared his room with Jeremy Vaeni and another man and let me tell you what, there has been a lot of speculation among a lot of people about that, if you know what I mean, wink-wink. In case you don’t know what “wink-wink” means, it means that people think Binnall and Vaeni are lovers and that they were having their own little party in the hotel room. I mean come on, neither one of them has ever had a girlfriend in their entire sad pathetic lives as evident by their podcasts. Tim Binnall’s party left cases upon cases of empty beer bottles on the hotel’s deck. When they finally left at 3:00 am. The front desk got so many noise complaints from the hotel guests that the manager had to shut things down and threatened to call the cops. Up in the hotel room along with all the carnal pleasures he and his bunkmates were probably enjoying, Tim Binnall was also engaged in smoking weed and cigarettes in a non-smoking room. Well the complimentary room just lost the complimentary room deposit that was fronted by the town of Exeter. Oops! What a complete embarrassment. Tim Binnall leaves Exeter the next day in a hungover daze with a wake of cigarette butts and beer bottles trailing behind him. So rather than be ashamed of his behaviour and apologize, what does Tim Binnall do? He goes on his podcast and talks about his drunken rampage and completely trashes the Town of Exeter and the Exter UFO Festival. Seriously, go to his website and listen to his podcast, seriously Tim needs the numbers, last time I checked it out there had been 3 unique visitors for the entire week. Somebody (not me) sent the podcast episode to Dean Merchant and Exeter Chamber of Commerce and boy were they pissed off. Needles to say Tim Binnall was not asked back to host the 4th Annual Exeter UFO conference. Richard Dolan will be hosting it this year. So now you can add paranoid to Tim’s list of dysfunctions. Timmy has been scrambing around the interwebs trying to figure out who sent the Exeter UFO Festival organizer the incriminating podcast. He’s accused just about everybody. And as his delirium expands he’s taking pot shots at some of Ufology’s big names. Timmy has a theory that Peter Robbins might have sent the podcast to Exeter because Robbins was supposed to be the host that year and was involved with the festival in times past. Robbins is also friends with Dean Merchant. Did Robbins send the podcast? Well, if Robbins wanted to insert himself into the festival again, maybe he did. Tim also thinks that Richard Dolan might have busted him for his Exeter shenanigans. Dolan did witness first hand Tim’s drunken debauchery. Dolan is also going to be the host of this years festival, so if one asks, “cui bono?” Dolan would be at the top of that list. I’m sure Dolan would love a mini Roswell type festival within driving distance of his house. Maybe Steve Firmani sent the podcast to Exeter officials. Former MUFON New England director Steve Firmani has been the butt of many jokes on the Tim Binnall show. Firmani was also drunk off his ass at the deck party. Binnall refers to Firmani as “carny hands” and makes fun of the way that Firmani speaks. Did Firmani snap and out Tim Binnall? Nobody would blame him if he did. Was it somebody else? Was it nobody? Just Tim Binnall’s paranoid delusions? It’s funny how Tim Binnall pretends to be all cordial with these people while he interviews them and then in the shadows he stabs them in the back. The actions of a sick, sick mind. Tim’s numbers are down and nobody is listening to his podcast. He clearly so desperately wants to make it in broadcasting but he doesn’t know how to do it. He doesn’t have the talent. Sure he’s interviewed some of Ufology’s big wigs, but anybody can do that. His show is old and stale. He interviews the same people over and over again and doesn’t ask hard hitting questions, hell, he doesn’t really ask any questions at all of his guests. Now Rich Dolan has a podcast on a radio network that looks and sounds pretty top notch. Seriously, can Tim Binnall compete with the likes of Richard Dolan? Richard Dolan brings some research and insight to the table, what does Tim Binnall bring to the table. Absolutely nothing. Tim Binnall clearly has no social filter and needs help. He is a degenerate. But don’t take my word, listen to his podcast and find out for yourself. -Imma Alfred Ian

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Readers Comments (10)
  1. Terry says:

    Did you know that Tim Binnall’s brother is a convicted felon who spent four years in prison for killing his friend in a drunk driving auto accident?

    Looks like Tim Binnall’s brother is just as much of a scumbag as Tim Binnall himself:

    “Radnor Township Police Sgt. Stephen Hill testified that after the crash, Binnall was trapped in the driver’s seat of the pickup, saying, “Get me out of the truck.” Clifford was motionless in the passenger side with his head resting on Binnall’s right leg, Hill testified.

    Hill testified that when he asked Binnall, “Is your buddy OK?” Binnall replied, “Yeah, yeah, he’s fine. Just get me out of this truck.” Despite efforts by Hill and rescue workers who extricated Clifford from the pickup, he was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after the 1:15 a.m. crash, Hill testified.

    Binnall, whose leg was pinned under the dashboard, denied that he was the driver, Hill testified. He was taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.”



  2. Jermey Bundle says:

    He is a piece of shit.

  3. Carolyn Weed says:

    Tim Binal is an obnoxious mysoginist. The article above really captured his essence. His only true friend is his computer. I think both he and Jeremy Vaney are more than just “friends”, which I don’t have a problem with, as this is the third time I have heard about their ‘relationship’. Bottom line? Binal is a scumbag loser.

  4. Andy Pond says:

    Binall is the biggest pussy on the internet. I have been told that he tried to lure a minor into his house. Zero talent. Major asshole.

  5. Frank Hooker says:

    Googling for Binnall on the internet I found this article. I recently listened to a Binnall podcast and in it he describes how he molested a pregnant woman in a bar. The man is a sicko psychopath. He says that he had to high tail it out of the bar because everybody in the bar wanted to kick his ass. The guy is a complete degenerate.

  6. patrick branin says:

    I don’t care whether somebody gets shitfaced, and I don’t give a damn about what goes on behind closed doors. But since you spend all your time in church, I’m not surprised you’re resentful. I like Tim Binnall’s style. I like the way he stays in the background and gives his guests full rein. Tons better than George “let’s go to the phones” Norry, who can’t wait to jump in and change the subject just when things are getting interesting.

  7. Anti-Patrick Branin says:

    Tim is a loud-mouthed punk who interviews the same people over and over again. They all say the same things over and over again. Tim, like his telephone-call-low-audio-quality ‘show’ is redundant. If insanity can be described as doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results, then Tim is insane.

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