Why Most Alien Contactees Are Afraid, Yet The Shaman Surfs Waves Of Consciousness

Published on August 3, 2012 by   ·   No Comments Why do you think in the UFO community there is alot of negativity and fear when it comes to the ETs and it seems like in the Native American community there experiences are without fear and much more pure and positive? Brent Raynes: Greg Little explained this to me years ago in a way that seemed to make a lot of sense. In the beginning of a Native American vision quest ceremony, the Trickster was generally expected, according to their belief system, to put in an appearance, to test these initiates to see if they were worthy to gain higher knowledge and wisdom. If they failed to discern the truth and see through the Trickster’s web(s) of deception, then their unworthiness might leave them to progress no further up the ladder of truth. However, if they could see through the surface illusions of what the Trickster was actually teaching, then they could proceed up the ladder a little further to discern higher truth and wisdom. Unfortunately, a lot of people let their ego get in the way and both their ego and their lack of discernment ability causes them to embrace only what their preconceived belief-oriented “comfort zone” would allow. Thus they’re stuck at the bottom rung of the ladder, like an earth-bound ghost clinging to the Middle World. Early people, Native Americans and others, learned long ago to navigate these realms to gain access to higher knowledge and understanding. In the case of the modern ET scenario, the Trickster aliens have gotten their bluff in on us and we’ve given over our power to them, thinking that they’re all powerful and wise, failing to embrace our own light wisdom and higher guidance! This is from my interview with Brent Raynes at Examiner. To read the entire interview click here.

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