Zombie Cannibal Media Pandemic: When Fiction Bleeds Into Reality

Published on June 1, 2012 by   ·   2 Comments As the media continues to buzz this story possibly influencing copy cats. We must ask ourselves why this story is getting so much attention via the media. Cannabilism predates modern civilization back to the times of early civilization. It is nothing new that people have always ate each other when times are hard. With the current economic collapse and political debauchery going on. We are all living in very hard times, where money is low, and food supplies are dwindling. The Miami case which seems to have started this modern flux of horror. Has been labeled as being drug induced or possible voodoo rituals. A man also cut open his intestines and threw them at police officers. Whilst another woman ate her child in Texas. A student in Maryland also in the same week, amidst these other tragedies ate a man’s brain and heart. We must ask ourselves what is the root of what would seem fiction. Regarding the zombie character bleeding into our present normal everyday reality. Paranormally one has seen how the rise in entertainment has brought forth zombie television shows and movies and books. The zombie has been a archetype figure in our history since George Romero’s film Night of the living dead. Yet cannibalism and zombies have existed way before that in folklore and fact. From head hunting tribes eating their enemies to voodoo priests using their power to control the living. Some say some sort of terrorism technology could be causing these recent attacks. As well as radiation from the Sun and the Japanese reactor scenario. Bacteria is another situation that has come up. Just recently in Florida a mayor in the city of Callaway died from being exposed to black mold in water. Another girl in Georgia fell in water and bacteria ate her limbs and she barely survived. Between all these possible answers mixed in with insanity and the media presenting this as a zombie apocalypse beginning. I am worried as to what the future holds with the weak minded who may seek to copycat these scenarios even more. If someone is caught eating the living they are automatically labeled insane by society and put in the asylum for life. A free ride that certainly keeps them from not eating anymore and going homeless. Where the zombie patient gets free medication and luxury housing. Some could be in dire straits and poor financially and using this as a scapegoat to survive. Rational solutions and answers need to be examined. We must also question why the media is bringing up these stories so heavily and what are scenarios in our world are being glossed over? What are these stories taking attention off of when it comes to the state of the world? Its all fun and zombie jokes til someone loses a face or gets an organ chewed. I’ve seen the actual picture of the Miami gentleman’s missing face and lets just say all laughter subsided regarding a zombie outbreak after being exposed to the horrific reality of the situation. Jeffery Pritchett is the host of The Church Of Mabus radio show bringing you paranormal topics on the high strange. Saturday nights at 11pm Eastern or come listen on our archives later at your own leisure.

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Marty Blanchard says:

    awesome! well put best thing I have read about these attacks that makes the most sense. great work!

  2. Michael Fear says:

    I voiced similar concerns, when I posted a article were the government are reassuring us that there is not a zombie apocalypse. Why say that? Are the government working on ways to turn us into zombies, or do they wan’t people to panic, or are we back to the dark ages, ware troublesome people can be locked away “because they zombies”?

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