Man In The White Van David Corso From Conspiracy Theory Interviews Jeffery Pritchett

Published on December 23, 2012 by   ·   No Comments Here is an eclectic & controversial radio interview from Wolf Spirit Radio. Also involved in this interview interviewing me was Thomas Hughes Sasquatch Experiencer. I wanted to add that to the title but well it just wouldn’t fit and let me whore the TV show connection at the same time! Grin. Just a unique interview from middle 2012 of me being interviewed that I enjoyed. Thought I would put it in the archives for free listening. Definitely a highlight for me from 2012. I need to relisten to it myself soon just to see what a coyote of a mess I was during it all. I did the interview but never actually relistened to it yet. So pulled it from their archives to share with you as well. Thanks Jeffery Pritchett Listen here now!

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