Q&A Nick Redfern On The Black Phantom Dogs Of Hell

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Nick Redfern on ‘Hounds of the Baskervilles From Demon Dogs to Sherlock Holmes’

Here are a few questions from my recent interview with Nick Redfern. You can read the rest of the interview at the link below. What exactly do you think these demon dogs are paranormally speaking per say? Nick Redfern: I can only speculate, but there can be no denying that many researchers and witnesses to the Phantom Black Dogs note how they seem to appear around the time of death and misfortune. And, of course, they are often seen in the vicinity of cemeteries. That’s to say they have a Grim Reaper quality to them. Even today, it’s perceived as being quite ominous and unsettling to see one of these things. It doesn’t take long for the old legends, myths and fears to take hold again, even in the 21st Century. The Wisht Hounds are said to travel with the headless devil who rides a horse doing his satanic bidding. Druid pagan rituals in the deep woods. Sounds like a party! When it comes to dogs in belief systems and ancient cultures. What do we know about them exactly as far as their purpose and symbolism? Nick Redfern: Interestingly, to expand on my answer above, in many old cultures around the world these hounds were seen as the guardians of the gateway to the next realm of existence after this one. Or they were perceived as being responsible for taking people to the next realm. Or, they manifested as a way of telling someone that death was imminent – for them or a close family member or friend. Or, a combination of all these scenarios. Occasionally, however, and somewhat paradoxically, Phantom Black Dogs are helpful and will help a lost traveler on a lonely road, etc, late at night. Could you share some real life cases of people really seeing these black dogs through out history and in modern times? Nick Redfern: Yeah, sure. Dartmoor, England – where The Hound of the Baskervilles is set – has been a hotbed of sightings of black dogs for hundreds of years. The English county of Suffolk is rich in such tales, many of which are still revered today in the little villages where the events occurred. The central England county of Staffordshire has reports dating up to 1985 of great hounds that would materialize and dematerialize in front of petrified witnesses. The book says it shares articles from various researchers about the phantom black dogs. What can you share about? Nick Redfern: My contribution to the book is a lengthy paper on the history of the Phantom Black Dog in the UK. It discusses cases old and new, from all across the UK. It also dissects the theories that these hounds are associated with the land of the dead. Or that they are a kind of Grim Reaper. I also dispel the myth that the beasts are chiefly a phenomenon of times long gone. I include in my paper many encounters from the 20th and 21st centuries. To continue reading this interview on the black phantom hounds of hell and Sherlock Holmes visit here http://www.examiner.com/article/nick-redfern-on-hounds-of-the-baskervilles-from-demon-dogs-to-sherlock-holmes

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