Q&A with David Paulides: All Bigfoot DNA Tests As Human

Published on June 14, 2012 by   ·   2 Comments Interview with David Paulides: Native Bigfoot perspective and DNA revelations David Paulides has written some of the best Bigfoot books out there. Starting with The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters In California and his second book Tribal Bigfoot. I have interviewed David Paulides at The Church Of Mabus radio show and here on Examiner once before. Making his books even more great are the sketches by police forensic artist Harvey Pratt. The books go into Native perspectives and eye witness testimonies of actual cases of Bigfoot sightings. Chronicling this information in two worthwhile volumes that are a must have for any Bigfoot enthusiast. The organization David belongs to is called North America Bigfoot Search is a good place to keep up with when it comes to Bigfoot research. In this interview we delve into the Native American perspective of Bigfoot as well as the subject of DNA with some startling revelations of information to add to the discussion. Always a pleasure to interview David. Presenting. 1. In your book The Hoopla Project Bigfoot Encounters in California the method is to bring forensic abilities from your knowledge into learning about sightings of Bigfoot by using a police sketch artist and your knowledge. What are some of the methods you used to get deeper into these cases forensics wise? In regards to the forensic drawing. A trained law enforcement forensic artist is formally trained, they are not just an artist. They are trained to draw exactly what the witness observes, they do not interpret. They do their work face to face, not over a phone. This was a HUGE cost to our organization but reaped a major change on how the biped is viewed. Example-Harvey Pratt (Forensic Artist) and I did a conference in Texas for another bigfoot organization that believes bigfoot is an ape. Our drawings show a profoundly more human face then what has been put in front of the public. We were at the conference with Harvey’s drawings placed on a table for public view, a young witness came into the building and started to view the drawings. He screamed across the room and and had his mom come to his side. The man told his mom that this was the first time he had seen a drawing showing something much more of what he observed and not an ape. He explained that another MAJOR bigfoot group had placed him in contact with an artist. The artist attempted to do the drawing by phone, speaking to the witness for 20-30 minutes, drawing for 2 days and then calling him back. After 5-6 attempts and the witness telling the artists to stop drawing the biped to make it look more like an ape and start drawing to his directions (more human), the witness stated he eventuially gave up because the artist wouldn’t change it. He stated that it appeared that the artist and the bigfoot organization had an agenda. 2. What are the Hoopa people’s perspective on Bigfoot and also in Tribal Bigfoot your 2nd book in the series you speak of a consistant link between the Native American community and Bigfoot. Could you tell us more about that? We visited many tribes in our attempt to understand the Native American perspective on the topic. Every group, repeat, every tribe viewed them as another group of people, another tribe of their own. We received special permission from the Tule River Indian Reservation at the base of the Sierra’s near Fresno, CA. They showed us pictographs 1,500 years old of a bigfoot family on a cave wall (Photos on our website). They explained that they were the keeper of their forest and they lived in harmony with their tribe, a relationship that has existed for thousands of years. 3. Could you tell us about some of the patterns of Bigfoot sightings events wise that happen with witnesses? We initially focused on northern California and then moved east. There is a pattern of sightings associated with water and ridges. It would appear the bigfoot is more likely not afraid of children and older people. Many sightings occur when they place themselves near kids and many habituations happen around residences of older adults. 4. What are a few cases that you’d like to recount for us that stand out from your books regarding Bigfoot experiences? The Ullibarri sighting in Hoopa is a classic. A young woman living in a residence at the edge of the woods observes a bigfoot going through garbage in her yard. The woman calls local police, they respond and arrive just as the biped is walking into the forest. Researchers arrive and collect hair from the shed the biped was leaning on. The hair goes through DNA testing with the result listed in Tribal bigfoot. 5. In your perspective what exactly is Bigfoot? Alot of people believe ape type creatures and some think that it has paranormal type qualities or could be multidimensional. Some have brought forth high strangness tying in UFO sightings with Bigfoot. In your opinion what the heck is it exactly? Bigfoot is far more human then ape. Apes do not walk upright. The ability of complex thinking and communication is only a skill of a biped of human qualities. EVERY hair that has ever been DNA tested has shown to be more on the human side of the genetic scale, not ape. 6. Different Native tribes have different beliefs about Bigfoot and I find the Native belief system to be the most profound and fascinating. I have interviewed Kathy Strain about Native folklore and many shamans and I can’t get enough. Love it. Anything else you can share with from the Natives about Bigfoot? Kathy’s book is excellent. What she has outlined in “Giants, Cannibals and Monsters is directly inline with our beliefs. 7. Why do you think Bigfoot is interacting with humans or going so close to them on so many levels? Is it truly by accident or on purpose for some reason. We believe that bigfoot is an interested with us as we are with them, especially younger ones. The behavior of the older biped’s is more calculated but younger ones is pure interest and probably friendship. 8. We all know the evidence situation with Bigfoot is absolutely strange on many levels. No dead bodies that I’m aware of . Why do you think this is? There are thousands of Mountain lions in the hills of California. I have spent countless hours, hiking, camping, backpacking and researching in California, I have never seen a Mountain Lion and I’ve never seen a skeleton in the wild. Does this mean Mountain Lions don’t exist, no. The floor of the forest is a very efficient mechanism at disposal of bodies. If bigfoot is as human as Native Americans believe, then they may practice what other tribes do. Some tribes believe that bigfoot bury their own. 9. As we depart what can you share with us about Bigfoot’s lifestyle? Like for instance their living situation and possible customs and way of life. We are not experts and we don’t make outlandish claims. We have reported on what witnesses observe, based on proven scientific methods. Harvey has testified hundreds of times as an expert on his skills as a forensic artist. When he draws a sketch of what a subject looks like and that suspect is later apprehended, that sketch appears as though they were in the room when Harvey drew the sketch, that’s how good he is! 10. DNA testing has been around for over a decade yet there has never been another bigfoot group to attempt classification, why? When we started the bigfoot DNA project we collected dozens of samples and then solicited specimens from different groups and individuals across North America, eventually collecting over one hundred. The bigfoot DNA is much more complex than anyone outside the project understands. Dr. Melba Ketchum has been the lead scientific researcher and has caught much flack from other groups who have no idea of the complexity or the internal protocol develops by researchers. There are some outsiders who believe they are entitled to more information then has been released. Our intentions have always been to submit the results of the bigfoot DNA project to a scientific journal and to have our results peer reviewed. If other scientists of international notoriety give the paper their blessing, there is then no basis for refusing to accept the validity of the results. Protocol in this process is mandated, scientists (participants) can never release results of the testing until the paper is peer reviewed. People need to understand that the results of the DNA are not Dr. Ketchum’s interpretation or the product of her independent work, they are the cumulative effort of many organizations and institutions who contributed their intellect to the results. Great discoveries sometimes take years of success and failure before enlightenment occurs. The results of this study will change the way the world views the biped. North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) is a privately funded organization that had its start in Silicon Valley, California. A small group of technology executives had prior incidents in the woods of Northern California and dedicated resources for the research and investigation of the Biped. One significant difference between NABS and every other Bigfoot organization is our dedication to stay on a regional project until every possible angle of every sighting has been researched, witnesses interviewed, locations and food sources understood, and an extensive list of variables answered. Our organization will stay in a community sometimes for months/Years and thereby develop the trust, integrity and contacts to make our research valuable and enlightening. The organization is interested in all regions of North America and can have a researcher dispatched to a specific area in your state in hours. We do appreciate information on any Bigfoot sighting anywhere in the world. Our researchers and investigators have extensive experience in their specific field and may have knowledge about your area that is unique. Our ability to keep a researcher on site to develop that “unique” knowledge has assisted our organization in developing advanced techniques in gathering information. Our ability to communicate and align with all facets of government, business, academics and various levels of society make our field personnel an unusual commodity in Bigfoot circles. The researchers we field may be from any one of a variety of academic backgrounds, private industry and university adjunct positions. We pride ourselves in being professional, discrete and open to all ideas and feedback. North American Bigfoot Search Website www.nabigfootsearch.com Jeffery Pritchett is the host of The Church Of Mabus radio show bringing you interviews on the paranormal and high strange and cryptozoology. Saturday nights at 11pm Eastern or come listen for free on our archives at your own leisure.

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